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About R1:16 Ministries

Clayton and Allison are compassionate mentors with over five decades of combined ministry experience

They offer profound insights and unwavering support to individuals navigating life's complexities while seeking spiritual growth and fulfillment.

What We're All About 

We help folks take hold of the power of Jesus so they can live an unashamed, bold life in Christ.

R1:16 is dedicated to fostering compassion, hope, and positive transformation in a world facing challenges, drawing strength from the transformative message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Get to Know Clayton and Allison

Embark on a journey of authenticity and transformation with us.

At our core, we're not just mentors; we're fellow travelers on life's winding path, intimately familiar with its twists and turns.

With over 50 years of shared ministry experience, Clayton and Allison understand the intricacies of balancing faith, family, and personal struggles. From Clayton's own battles with mental health to Allison's role as a devoted mother of six, we've encountered the highs and lows firsthand. Through it all, we've emerged stronger, more compassionate, and deeply committed to guiding others toward resilience and renewal. Together, we offer not just wisdom, but empathy—a guiding light for those seeking solace, purpose, and authenticity in their own journey. 

A Gift on Us

Free Family Devotional Guide 

Want to spend more intentional family time with the Lord? This guide is an easy way to do just that. Simply input your info and we'll send it right over!


R1:16 Ministries




We value genuine connections and foster an environment where individuals can be their true selves without fear of judgment.



We demonstrate empathy and understanding towards others, recognizing their unique struggles and challenges.



Our foundation is built on a deep commitment to the teachings and principles of Jesus Christ, guiding our actions and decisions.



We embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, cultivating resilience in the face of adversity and uncertainty.



We are dedicated to facilitating personal and spiritual growth, empowering individuals to overcome obstacles and embrace positive change in their lives.



We uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in all aspects of our ministry and interactions with others.



We value openness and honesty in all our interactions and communications, ensuring that our intentions, actions, and decisions are clear and understandable to all members of our community.

Our Story


Meet Clayton and Allison, a dynamic duo dedicated to guiding individuals on their spiritual journeys with compassion and authenticity.

Clayton brings over three decades of ministry experience to the table, having served in various capacities including singles pastor, youth pastor, and lead pastor. His journey has been marked by resilience, having navigated personal struggles with mental health that have imbued him with a profound empathy for those facing similar challenges.


Allison, on the other hand, has served as a beacon of strength and support in both her roles as a devoted mother of six and a women's minister. With warmth and wisdom, she has walked alongside countless individuals, helping them find balance between family life and spiritual growth.


Married in 2000, Clayton and Allison's partnership is rooted in love, faith, and a shared commitment to service. Together, they embody the very essence of their ministry's values—authenticity, compassion, and faith. With over five decades of combined experience, they offer not just guidance, but genuine companionship on the winding road of life. Their commitment to transparency and integrity ensures that each interaction is rooted in honesty and trust, fostering connections that inspire transformation and renewal. Join Clayton and Allison on a journey of discovery and growth, where every step is guided by faith and fueled by love.

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